We at Engine 15 are excited to bring our passion and dedication to our new ciders and meads endeavor.

What Are We Up To?

Residing next to our craft brewery on our Downtown Jacksonville property, Engine 15 Ciders and Meads is dedicated to producing delicious, 100% natural and Gluten free Ciders along with complex and interesting Meads.

What Are Cider & Mead?

Cider is an alcoholic  fermented beverage made from apples.

Mead  is an alcoholic fermented drink made from honey.

Melomel is a Mead that contains fruit.

Pyment is a Mead made with grape.

Braggot is a hybrid drink of Beer and Mead.

There are many variations of Cider and Mead with flavor ranges all over the map.  From sweet to dry. With many nuances such as spice and fruit flavors that range from subtle to intense and everywhere in between make these drinks a flavor explorers dream.

Happy Friday everyone! To help everyone celebrate the start of the weekend we are tapping this… https://t.co/BqFgUw7qe0
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Having a refreshing @engine15ciders at @hawkersfare with lunch. Summer in a glass!! @ Hawkers… https://t.co/I94ciNkTpG
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RT @CRB_FL: Awesome news! Have to check it out. Loving some hard cider! https://t.co/p6QMBhY2AA
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RT @engine15brewing: Representing at @iwannabuzz #craftbeerfest @engine15ciders @ Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena https://t.co/O7hsEqo
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For the most up to date information please visit our facebook page. If you have questions or just want to drop us a line, feel free to send us an email below!

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